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Starter Kit
for First Sales

You need a storefront, a shopping cart, some payment channels, web server and somebody to help you set it up. Starter kit is exactly that - we took Magento that is used by 26% of webshops, added some years of experience and will help you get your sales started next week.

Customization & Optimization

You have a Magento shop in need of theme tweaking, some more complex pricing options and one-step-checkout to boost sales. Or perhaps you need a bit of help to look at analytics to understand your customers and do some SEO tuning to rank before your competitors?

Integration & Development

Perhaps you have a real-world shop selling goods from the same stock, your sales need integration with logistics and accountants are mad at all these orders coming in by email? Or maybe you need to migrate your existing shop with clients and products to Magento? No problem - We have done that!

Want to build everything yourself

or you already have a good Magento partner?

No problem - but you might still use our free Estonian payment and shipping methods, or purchase ready-made Erply integration extension.

We have solutions also for other mayor Estonian accounting solutions like Directo and Whatnot - and are willing to help with others.

Existing Multon / Eepohs extension user or integrator?

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